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CPAP Usage Tips & Tricks

  • What is AHI, and how can I use it to measure my progress?

    AHI stands for Apnea Hypopnea Index. This is the combined number of apneas (cessations of breath) and hypopneas (restricted airway breathing), divided by the total number of minutes you have slept. The lower the number, the fewer instances of apneas and hypopneas experienced.

    • Less than 5 = Normal
    • 5-15 = Mild Sleep Apnea
    • 16-30 = Moderate Sleep Apnea
    • >30 = Severe Sleep Apnea
  • How do I set up the DreamMapper app?
    To use DreamMapper on your smartphone:


    1. Download the app for your iOS or Android device.


    2. Register your CPAP machine and create your DreamMapper account: https://www.mydreammapper.com/Account/Register

    3. Connect your CPAP machine to your DreamMapper app via Bluetooth pairing process (make sure the device and Smartphone being paired are next to one another).

    4. Review the full user guide here


  • Where should I place my CPAP machine next to my bed?

    Condensation can build up in your mask and tubes, called “Rainout” if your machine is above your mask during usage. Move your CPAP machine to a lower level than your mask. Use gravity to your advantage so that the condensation does not flow to your mask.

    If your CPAP is on a bedside table and the tubing drains down to your mask, try moving your machine onto a lower surface so the tubing and air flows up. If water droplets form, they will flow back down to your humidifier and not into your mask.